Taiwanese hypnotherapist win clients in China

A hypnotherapist in China makes up to 6,000 yuan (US$985) per hour when business is good, Chinese media outlets report.

Hsiao Yu-ho, a Taiwanese hypnotherapist who went to Guangzhou in 2007 to expand her business, said that hypnotherapy is a form of psychological counseling and there is nothing mysterious about it. Hypnotherapy has gradually come to be accepted by Chinese consumers after the release of Inception, the 2010 Hollywood blockbuster that dealt with both hypnotism and dreams.

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Hsiao’s clients typically range between the ages of 20 and 40. Most of them are seeking psychological help for problems with work or with their love life.

“Most people have the misconception that hypnotherapy is a cure for insomnia, which is totally incorrect. Hypnotherapy can help a person relax, but it is different from sleeping. People also believe that it can erase memories, but this would be a serious violation of the ethics prescribed by the job. Every master of hypnotism warns their students never to erase people’s memories,” said Hsiao.

“Many female clients ask to erase their memories of their former boyfriends, which is very dangerous,” Hsiao said.

When a hypnotherapist meets with a client, the first thing they have to do is to win their trust. Then they will attempt to discover the easiest way to hypnotize the client. When the client is in a state of hypnosis, the therapist will guide them in certain ways, including telling them to imagine a staircase with 10 steps, then telling them to walk down the steps one by one as the hypnotherapist counts from one to 10. Then when the client gets to the bottom, they are asked to open the door they see before them, open it and look into their subconscious. When the client wakes up, the hypnotherapist will analyze and “restructure” the mind of the clients, making them feel better.

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A 20-something sought help from Hsiao because she was afraid of the dark and was too scared to do overtime in her office at night. Hsiao uncovered the memory that she had been locked in a dark room at the age of four. Another woman in her mid-thirties would shake with fear when she laid eyes on her female superiors. Hsiao found out that she had been frequently scolded by her mother from a very young age and associated her female supervisors with the image of her mother.

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