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Physical Addiction |Hypnosis Quit Smoking

Every two to three hours, the nicotine starts to run low in the body. As they say in the East, there is no such thing as one sick organ. You can only have two or more sick organs. If one organ is underactive, other organs have to compensate by being over active. One organ affects the whole system. Even though nicotine is not supposed to be part of the system, the body has learned its normal nicotine levels. If you suddenly take nicotine out of the system, the body has to re-learn its chemical balance.

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The good news is that almost all of the nicotine is out of the body by day three. The only permanent cure to nicotine withdrawal symptoms is to not smoke. On day three, once the nicotine has reached zero, it has nowhere to drop to. On day four, the nicotine addiction has ended. Hypnosis Quit Smoking

So you might be wondering How does Hypnosis work to Quit Smoking I have been there?

There are a few reasons for smoking that work against you when you try to quit smoking cold turkey: there is the physical aspect: you are addicted to nicotine only for three days. There are also psychological reasons and this is where Hypnosis can be most effective.

You might have subconsciously conditioned yourself to crave a cigarette because you always smoke in certain situations with certain people or alone thinking certain thoughts. You may smoke after a meal, when driving a car, drinking a cup of coffee or the good old after some passionate moments as they show in the movies. When you try to quit cold turkey, any of these situations will remind you subconsciously of smoking and trigger a huge craving for a cigarette. And if you don’t quit cigarettes you might look like an old turkey very soon. Trust me on that one there is a reason why I did not get my pictures taken without make up for a long time.

smokingG So you might be wondering How does Hypnosis work to Quit Smoking I have been there?

Hypnosis can create a feeling in your mind where you can replace the relaxation and pleasure you derive from smoking with something else, it can help you to derive relaxation from a different trigger and can even put a negative association with cigarettes in your mind regarding the damage it’s doing to that body that you live in your real home.. Once these two subconscious motivations for smoking are gone, you have successfully used hypnosis to stop smoking and quitting for good will is a goal within your reach. So keep those fingers crossed and minds open, what do you have to lose an hours of your time and a couple of hundred bucks, and even now you are not ready then you never will be.

Quit Smoking With The Help Of Hypnotherapy

Before coming to my Hypnotherapy session I suffered a lot of anxiety and depression. I knew that smoking was affecting my health and my emotions in so many ways I just smoked to feel that feeling of being flat, may be deep inside I thought that I did not deserve to be happy. My therapist’s supportive and understanding manner allowed me to feel safe and secure in her office. I needed a couple of sessions to quit and my anxiety disappeared just like the way cigarette smoke disappeared from my room.

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That was by far the cheapest therapy I ever had, Quit Smoking and no more endless sessions to work on my anxiety, I wonder how could some of those psychologists live with themselves…..if was to quit smoking with the help of my very so clever psychologist then I might still be smoking after a few years and blaming my parents for it. I had never been that confused in my life after I gave cigarettes……all those years of therapy and the only thing they ever did was tell me what’s wrong with me and take my money….I did learn to play psychologist with friends and got a lot of attention but that was it …deep inside I knew I needed more than just talk. I need someone to change something that I was not aware of consciously.

I’m still a non smoker | Hypnosis Quit Smoking

“Hi there to all the smokers who think they are having a tough time, then toughen the F*ck up Australia, just letting you know that I’m still a non smoker if smoking was made illegal then none of you would die from not smoking, does that make sense or you want me to give you some more tough love …..Miserable first world faggots. When I found out that my neighbor was pregnant with my 1st child I gave up cigarettes, at least I am honest and I joined the local church, and gave all my smoking money to minister, my neighbor is my wife now and I am living a very happy life, I don’t go to the church as they say the best way to lose your faith is to make friends with a priest so I did.

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It was a pretty easy for me to quit, I am very clever when it comes to playing with my own mind, firstly I managed to cut down to 10 cigs a day, I wanted to see how my thoughts are changing as I let go of one cigarette a day till I quit completely. And when I gave up completely I smoked a pack of cigarette in 4 hours and never touched a ciggie again for a few years. I still smoke in my dreams is there someone who can help me with that…may be a hypnotist. For Hypnosis Quit Smoking Contact us on: 0404301306

Not Every One Can Become A Non Smoker With Hypnosis

One session of hypnosis didn’t work for me. I went with my daughter in law when she was pregnant, she started again the same day, and I am glad that my son has left her for she was a destructive person on so many levels. I lasted about 2 months. I think you have to really be ready to make that commitment and have the open attitude. The hypnotist plants the idea in your mind reinforces and compounds the suggestion in the session, but if you are there just figure out if you can or can’t be hypnotized then you are probably not ready, I fell for that …too cool for school attitude from my ex daughter in law as she was very sketchy and rubbed it on me. He told me to buy some vitamins too that I found to be rather amusing? I didn’t get those.

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They were not in my budget as I was paying for two people just bring some positively in my life. Maybe that might have helped us both. I don’t know I don’t care. But I also lived with my hubby who loves to blow smoke in my face when I was trying to quit what a pig. I also had smokers in my building and have friends that smoke so the temptation was always in my face so to speak. To be honest he did tell us that the chances of a person being a non smoker in one session is only 25%, and offered us another session, but then if you look at it I did not have to go back as I had already quit, and my sons spoilt wife did not have to go as she did not so we were both winners. Well any way good luck to you all smoking zombies. I need a cigarette NOW to relieve the stress of being a smoker! LOL For Hypnosis Quit Smoking Contact us on: 0404301306