Quit Smoking for Life — And Save Your Life!

Smoking has become recognized in recent years as one of the number one causes for many life-changing illnesses and ailments. From the relatively minor problems of smelly clothes and stained teeth, to a much increased risk of cancer, smoking is chock-full of dangers to the health and well-being of smokers and non-smokers alike.

Quit Smoking for Life — And Save Your Life1 Quit Smoking for Life — And Save Your Life!If you want to quit smoking, you don’t have to go it alone. There are devices, products, and support groups that can help you reach your goal of becoming a non-smoker. There are also a few things you can try or do on your own that can make the transition easier and help break the grip nicotine addiction has on your life.

Don’t Smoke:

This may be one of the hardest tips to adhere to, but if you are really serious about your desire to quit, then you have to stop immediately. Once you make that decision to quit, don’t smoke again. There are products that can help you with this one, so it can be a little less stressful than going cold turkey if you use them when giving up the habit. For example, try electronic cigarettes that mimic smoking, but don’t have the same harmful side-effects as smoking actual cigarettes.

Make a Note:

If you want to quit smoking, make a note of why you want to quit and carry it with you. By putting your desire into words and committing them to paper, you make your desire to quit tangible. You can keep it with you, and whenever that need to light up becomes too much, pull out the note and read it again. You can even add to it later if you think of other good reasons to give up the habit that you would like to add, such as to live a longer life or to set a better example for friends and family.

Join a Group:

Joining a support group is another way to help realize your goal of becoming smoke-free. These groups can help give encouragement when you need it most, can give you tips and ideas on how to manage your cravings, and even provide you with smoke-free social occasions to meet and hang out with people in a safe environment, free of cigarettes.

Quit Smoking for Life — And Save Your Life Quit Smoking for Life — And Save Your Life!

Keep Your Goals in Mind:

Keep telling yourself that you are making good progress, and getting closer every day to your goal of being a non-smoker. Many adult smokers have managed to quit, and you can join their ranks as a former smoker too. Just keep your goals in mind, and give yourself rewards for sticking to your plan for quitting.

By making the most of every tool at your disposal, you can be one of the former smokers who have decided to make a change for the better. Using such aids as electronic cigarettes, gums, patches, and support groups, you can increase your fitness and health levels, heart and lung functions, and become one of the millions of people who have learned to live life free of the restrictive and dangerous smoking habit.

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