‘I’m trying to give up smoking again as I eventually want a family’

Model Sophie Anderton, 36, takes our health quiz.

Can you run up the stairs?
Last year, while training for the London Marathon, I developed a Baker’s cyst – a fluid-filled swelling – on the back of my right knee. During the marathon itself, the cyst became more inflamed and painful, so I had to stop running for six months. I’ve gradually got back into running 10k, four times a week. I also up to nine Bikram yoga sessions a week.

Im trying to give up smoking Im trying to give up smoking again as I eventually want a familyGet your five a day?
Most days I eat spinach, tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, and avocado. For breakfast I’ll have organic apple juice mixed with wheatgrass, rich in chlorophyll that strengthens the immune system and gives me energy. I add Spirulina powder, an algae, to top up my B vitamins. If I fancy something sweet, I’ll have medjool dates. I was on a constant diet between the ages of 14 and 32, but after going into rehab four-and-a-half years ago my outlook changed.

Cope well with pain?
I don’t take painkillers because pain medication is addictive. I was on morphine from age 11 to 15 after getting hit by a car and having an open wound to the bone in my right leg. I believe it set me on an inevitable course.

Had anything removed?
Three years ago, my appendix burst. I was rushed into hospital where they discovered I had borderline peritonitis – inflammation of the tissue lining the abdomen. The doctors put me on morphine and gave me a pethidine (an opoid painkiller) shot but I was enjoying the effects too much, so I stopped taking them, despite the pain. After years of abuse, I’m very sensitive to mood-altering substances.

Any vices?
In my 20s I’d smoke 40 cigarettes a day but last summer I gave up for three months. Then a friend lit up around me and I had one puff. Now I’m trying to give up again as I eventually want a family.

Worst illness?
in my early 20s, while travelling through Africa, I picked up a rare type of viral conjunctivitis. It felt like shards of glass were in my eyes, and they were so red I looked like a vampire. It lasted for three months, until steroid drops cleared it.

Pop any pills?
When I went into rehab I had low magnesium, iron and vitamin B12 levels so I take magnesium and iron tablets. I also take the African fruit Baobab for energy, the root vegetable Maca to improve endurance, an Acai Berry antioxidant, and the herbal remedy KarmaMood to help with stress.

Would you have plastic surgery?
I was told I’d get more lingerie campaigns if I increased my bust from a 34B, but big breasts don’t work for me, so I didn’t.

Biggest phobia?
Vomiting. I had norovirus in November 2012 – it was hell.

Like to live for ever?
It would be horrible to live after everyone I love had died. But it would be nice to see my great-grandchildren and live to 100.

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