Can hypnotherapy help you quit binge-drinking?

Steve Tromans is a hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner who has been treating binge drinkers for 18 years.

‘Binge drinking doesn’t just affect teenagers,’ he says. ‘I see people ranging from 18 to 70. Ten years ago, it was mainly men, now it’s about half and half.

bingedrinkingtricks Can hypnotherapy help you quit binge drinking?

‘I aim, as quickly as possible, to retrain the person’s thinking so they automatically generate the kinds of thoughts that lead to moderate drinking.

‘I very often find these thoughts or behavioural patterns – such as binge drinking – can be changed rapidly. Binge drinking isn’t complicated, it’s just a habit and habits can often be changed for good.’

Georgia Foster is the hypnotherapist who helped Sarah Todd. Her online programme Drink Less Mind is a 21-day self-hypnosis course.

Hypnosis is a natural state we all enter many times a day: you cannot go to sleep without this process,’ she says.

‘As we fall asleep our breathing starts to slow, our heart rate drops, our circulation and metabolic rate also slow down. This process can take five to 20 minutes. During this time, we are highly receptive to suggestion and therefore it is in this state of mind that you are best to stop yourself drinking so much.’

958765511 f6ec04e38c 300x300 Can hypnotherapy help you quit binge drinking?Her programme calls for you to establish your ‘drink personality’.

‘There are four main character traits,’ she says. ‘The pleaser, the perfectionist, the inner critic and the inner child.’

She establishes which ones people are via a survey, which helps decide the best course of action. Suggestions include advice that we would all do well to bear in mind: alternating your alcoholic drinks with a substitute and having alcohol-free days to help recover.

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