Real Hypnosis is a state of un parallel detached state of profound relaxation which allows access for your subconscious mind. Hypnosis therefore makes it easier to make changes to the interior workings of a smoker, to those unconscious patterns of thought and behavior relating to smoking that you simply might otherwise had been stuck with for the remaining of your days. Everyone can learn how to use hypnosis as a result of listening to hypnosis downloads but the results get a lot better if you get a personal session to reinforce your desired new behavior  You’ll discover ways to relax and access the internal workings of your mind and discover your real self-worth. You’ll enable the ” real” you that wants you to get well and recover as a person physically, mentally, and spiritually with some extra cash in the hip pocket.

Let’s break it down a little, as definitions are important especially when using these words to form a definition!:


“Hypnosis is a social construct that causes the cognitive processes of automatic imagination. Hypnotic responses are defined by their subjective sensation of automatically or involuntariness, because they lack the knowledge or feeling of intention.”

Breaking it down:

“Social construct” – two or more people interact (or for self-hypnosis two or more parts of our personality) to construct hypnosis both as process and product.

“Cognitive processes” – the brain functions with cognitive processes, we ‘think’.

“Automatic” – autonomic, it happens apparently ‘outside of our control’. This is however a bit of a paradox as technically all of our conscious thoughts and actions are actually unconsciously driven before we rationalist them as them consciousness

“Imagination” – our unconscious is our imagination, we perceive our version of reality, all of our internal representations are imagined, etc.

“Automatic imagination” – the imagination is guided automatically at the suggestion of another – the other person (or personality) – automatically becoming their ‘reality’ with a disconnection between conscious control and unconscious actions.

“Hypnotic responses” – phenomena, sensory perception changes and thought pattern changes. Incidentally we can have the ability to produce every phenomena ourselves without hypnosis, the phenomena exist in daily life, yet here they happen at the suggestion of the hypnotist


“Subjective sensation of automatically involuntariness” – the subject believes it happens out of their control; it just appears to ‘happen’ to them, either as normal or extra-normal, yet still something that they can’t control

“Lack the knowledge or feeling of intention” – the subject is not able to access the knowledge as to what they are creating inside their mind nor the intention of meaning to do so. How to Stop Smoking

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