Sam Javed – The Hypnotist

1. Always remember that you are in control, so take responsibility for your life and say ‘yes’ to your own personal power.

2. Your body craves –
a. Oxygen
b. Water
c. Vitamins and Minerals
d. Sucrose and Glucose

Therefore you must get into the habit of taking 3 deep breaths, drinking a lot of water, and giving yourself vitamins, minerals and glucose. The best source of glucose, sucrose, fructose is in your favourite fruit and vegetable drinks. Also taking a vitamin/mineral tablet 2-4 times per week is great.

3. Change your Environment
a. Get rid of all ash-trays, coffee cups, or anything else in your house, office, car etc, which reminds you of smoking.

4. Listen to the Self Hypnosis CD for 30 nights in a row. Track One is just a reminder of what Hypnosis is about. It’s Track Two that you really want to listen to.

Author By Kevin Grise

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