Habit versus Addiction for smokers

Talking on your new i phone, hanging out with friends … these are activities that you might have to consider when you become a non smoker naturally and easily, as you do not have to worry about the patches and the gum for nicotine. A girl friend of mine told me of her strong desire to smoke every time she made a phone call, meaning she had to stay off the phone if she wanted to avoid the urge to smoke a cigarette because of the strong psychological connection between those activities what we call the state dependent memory. Her body didn’t crave nicotine at any other time, so this wasn’t an addiction to nicotine but a psychological habit formed over years of responding to a stimulus that conditioned her to act in a certain way upon cue.

Smokers Habit versus Addiction for smokers

My friend was told by the therapist that Smoking hypnotherapy focuses on how to make positive changes to that habit, which is different to the physical addiction to nicotine which most people find easier to break. So in trance she experienced the ability to make those changes that she would have other wise in a waking state found to be rather difficult. A habit like smoking is just the automatic repetition of a familiar behavior. Smokers’ cravings are reminder signals produced by the Subconscious mind, and hypnosis is simply a way of getting new information to the Subconscious mind. The hypnotherapist explains to the Subconscious mind that the habit is no longer required, and requests that the reminder signals be shut down. There’s a lot more detail in it than that, but that is essentially what happened her Stop Smoking Session.

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