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I gave up after 10 years ago when I used to smoke 1 pack a day by reading Allan Car’s “The easy way to quit smoking” but then started again due to stress and life in general can’t be good all the time eh. I think give up can actually find can become a non smoker if only they realized that its not as hard as those nicotine replacement companies make it for us to believe, they are creating a problem only to sell us a solution and we are fooled into thinking that cigarettes are more addictive than they actually are.

sav Get Rid Of Smoking | Hypnosis Quit Smoking

Once a small cigarette craving sets of a smokers mind, It is almost imposable for them to stop thinking about having a cigarette until they have one and then its all down hill from there have you ever noticed how a smoker looks after he has lit up a cigarette and ha; lf way he just wants to kill it and just looks dejected, it’s the face of a loser who knows he could have done better, but it is their mind they are brain washed by the big nicotine. Companies that they have a nicotine addiction. The cravings only last about 30 seconds and aren’t even very strong.

Once a smoker realizes this it is easy to quit if they really want to. And the nicotine leave the body in 3 days so what’s the point of getting onto the patches, oh boy that makes we wonder why don’t people just go see a hypnotist so they can take all those negative beliefs out of your mind, and help you relieve the cravings as they actually exist in the persons mind and what they believe is their truth become their actions. Hypnosis could work seeing as most of the addiction is in peoples mind. All you would need to do is dehypnotize people and let them start a new chapter in their life with out any guilt or fear of failure.

Get Rid Of Smoking Once And For All Get Rid Of Smoking | Hypnosis Quit Smoking

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