Exercise May Be Key to Stopping Smoking

Researchers at Western University in Canada have discovered that pregnant women who want to stop smoking can overcome cravings by exercising – 15 to 20 minutes of walking proved to be enough to help beat nicotine cravings.

pregnant mother smoking Exercise May Be Key to Stopping Smoking

Harry Prapavessis from Western University said that despite the adverse effects of smoking during pregnancy, far too many women cannot or do not stop smoking while pregnant. He was optimistic about the results of the study: “Consistent with previous research, our study reveals that low-to-moderate intensity exercise is associated with a reduction in cravings and even tobacco withdrawal symptoms amongst pregnant smokers. We believe exercise holds great potential to help women quit smoking during pregnancy.”

Previous research indicated that exercise can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in smokers, but this is the first study to look at the potential in pregnant smokers, and the participants in the study reported lower levels of cravings and fewer withdrawal symptoms when they exercised to fight the cravings.

Smoking during pregnancy is relatively common considering the risks, probably because quitting is difficult, especially at what can be a stressful time in a woman’s life, so anything that can help will prove hugely beneficial to both the mother and the unborn child.

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