Changing The Habit Is A Part Of Smoking

Habit is not the part that makes you smoke. It’s just the part that reminds you when to smoke. Habit is just associations, such as you wake up, you smoke, you have a tea or coffee, you smoke, you finish a meal, have a work break, you see a door way to outside, you see a friend smoke and you smoke. These are just reminders of when to smoke.

break the habit today 500x300 Changing The Habit Is A Part Of Smoking

Habit is not as hard to change as you think. Imagine that you get into one of those cars that have the window wiper and indicator reversed. It takes you once or twice wiping you windscreen when you turn a corner or indicating when it starts to rain before you don’t have to make that mistake anymore. Changing the habit part of smoking is just as easy. There’s two ways to change a habit. One way is to just not smoke for a month. If you can do that, then you have exposed your routine to enough coffees, teas, waking up, after meals etc… to be an expert at not smoking at those times.

The interesting thing about the way the brain stores habits is that the brain does not care if you actually lived through the events of not smoking for a month, or if you vividly imagine in great detail the events of that month. In one day, you can run your imagination through enough repetitions of your regular habits without smoking to change your habits into non-smoking habits. The only way to change a habit is to write a new habit over the old habit.

Sipping Tea and Studying Changing The Habit Is A Part Of Smoking

The good news is that we can in hypnosis, run you through enough repetitions to turn smoking with a coffee into drinking the coffee then just feeling satisfied, or taking a break from work, having a glass of water and just feeling satisfied. After three days, the nicotine is out of the body and the habit has been changed. The only triggers left after three days have to come from the remaining four. How TO Stop Smoking

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